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The ArtiSynth Models package is a collection of modeling work done with ArtiSynth. It contains contributions from a number of researchers and organizations.

Please acknowledge use of these models:

If you use these models for your research, please acknowledge the creators using one or more of the references found on the Citations page.

Current development version

The current development version of ArtiSynth Models is available from the Github at

> git clone

Note that there is a lot of development going on at the moment, with packages and classes moving around a fair amount.

Current stable release (compiled, with source)

Older releases

Unpack the zip file to an appropriate install directory. You can then run the models from ArtiSynth if you add the path for artisynth_models/classes to the file EXTCLASSPATH in the ArtiSynth install directory.

Full details on using ArtiSynth with external packages are given the Installation Guides.